(Shower plus ) Yoni pumpum scrub + yoni gloss oil
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(Shower plus ) Yoni pumpum scrub + yoni gloss oil

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Double package 

✨🌿✨Herbal Yoni gloss✨🌿✨
Organic oils paired with the finest herbs.
This blend is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti fungal. Supports PH balance, combats yeast and of course lubricates. Perfect after a shower, bath or Yoni Steam and light enough to Massage with after shave + wax.✨✨ 


Yoni Scrub is a great, all natural way to help prevent irritation and ingrown hairs that can occur after shaving or waxing. A sugar scrb base, vitamin E and olive oil infused with essential oils, this new product is a must try!* 


Suggested Use: Wait one day after shaving or waxing before using scrub. Scoop a generous amount into your hands, rub together to spread scrub. Apply directly to the shaved or waxed area, using circular motions to exfoliate the skin. Rinse off and pat area dry. (We recommend using this scrub in the shower, following your daily washing routine).


Use 2-3 times a week max after a wax or shave for best results.


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